Statement and Records

  1. There may be occasions where you find items on your statement that do not correlate with the entries in your expense report or your retained receipts. You may not have made the transaction; the amount of the transaction is incorrect, or you have a quality or service issue.
  2. Your first recourse is to contact the merchant involved to try to resolve the error. If the merchant agrees that an error has been made, your account will be credited. Highlight the transaction in question on your expense report as a reminder that the item is still pending resolution.
  3. If the merchant does not agree that an error has been made, contact the customer service department at Bank of America Visa, 800-822-5985. State that you would like to dispute a charge on your card. You will be asked to submit the information in writing so that the Bank of America can research the disputed item. Contact the Business and Auxiliary Services Office at 410-337-6134 for the proper form to submit. You may fax the completed form to the college's representative at Bank of America. The amount of the next invoice will be reduced by the amount of the disputed item until the item in question is resolved.
  4. Any charge you wish to dispute must be identified in writing within 60 days of the statement date. Disputes will then be resolved by Bank of America within 90 days.
  5. You are responsible for the transactions identified on your statement. If an audit is conducted on your account, you must be able to produce receipts and/or proof that the transaction occurred.