Program Restrictions

  1. Each credit card has been assigned an individual credit limit. The limit is based on previous purchasing activity. If you find over time that the limit is too low to accommodate your monthly requirements, please contact your vice president to re-evaluate your limit. If your vice president agrees it would be appropriate to raise your limit, he or she should contact the director of procurement and auxiliary services so that Visa personnel can perform a credit limit increase. The Bank of America will not change your credit limit without the approval of the Direcdirector of procurement and auxiliary services .
  2. In addition, no transaction for goods and services may exceed $1,000 in value. Payment for travel and entertainment services is only limited by your credit limit. If you have an unusual, one-time transaction that will exceed your credit or travel limit, notify the director of procurement and auxiliary services. The college's central credit card (a.k.a. ghost card), which has a higher limit, can be used for these purchases.
  3. Some merchants may have been "blocked" from use in the program.

Examples: ATM machines, #900 telephone numbers, and casinos. If you present your card to any of these merchants, the transaction will be declined. It is likely that any merchant you use as a source for products or services will accept your card. If you are declined and feel the decline should not have occurred, you may contact the director of procurement and auxiliary services to determine if you were declined because of the merchant blocking or if you may have exceeded the monthly credit limit or single transaction dollar limit imposed on your card.