Expense Report

  1. The expense report becomes an ongoing record of information about the transactions made on your card. The form is simple and easy to use and will require a minimum amount of time to maintain.
  2. Individual receipts typically itemize merchandise purchased. The report allows management to review the types of goods and services being purchased on the card and where the card is being used. It also provides a record of activity so you can reconcile your monthly statement.
  3. You should obtain a receipt whenever possible when using your credit card. On the report, record the date of the transaction, the name of the merchant, the purpose of the transaction, the dollar value, and the account number to be charged.
  4. The expense report is the record against which you will reconcile your monthly statement. The original report and credit card statement must be signed by the authorizing signer to indicate approval and review. With the approval of your vice president, the cardholder may be the authorizing signer. Original documents will be retained on file by Accounts Payable.