Acceptable & Unacceptable Uses

Acceptable Uses of Card

  1. Subscriptions, seminars, books, and video tapes
  2. Miscellaneous maintenance requirements
  3. Computer forms, software, supplies, and maintenance expenses
  4. Restaurant charges
  5. Hotel and restaurant charges while traveling
  6. Conference registrations

Unacceptable Uses of Card

  1. Any item exceeding the dollar limit assigned to the card
  2. Any merchant, product, or service normally considered to be inappropriate use of college funds
  3. Capital equipment
  4. Non-capital equipment that should be procured using a college purchase order due to the need to incorporate college terms and conditions
  5. Supply or stock items available through the Purchasing Office or through approved ordering systems or programs, such as OfficeMax
  6. Used to procure any items of a personal nature, i.e., merchandise or services.