Travel & Procurement Card Program

Travel & Procuremen Card Information

  1. The purpose of the program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and payment for inexpensive transactions, as well as travel and entertainment expenses. Because we have a credit card program in place with the Wells Fargo for travel and entertainment, we decided to expand the program to include purchase transactions. The program is designed to replace a variety of processes, including petty cash, local check writing, low-value authorizations, cash advances, expensed purchases, and, in some cases, purchase orders.
  2. All cards are issued at the request of your vice president, and card use may be audited and/or rescinded at any time. You are the only person entitled to use your card!
  3. These procedures provide the guidelines under which you may use your Travel and Procurement Card. Your signature on the cardholder agreement indicates that you understand the intent of the program and agree to adhere to the guidelines established for the program. You will receive your Visa on receipt of the signed agreement, and you may begin using it immediately upon receipt. Please contact your vice president or the office of procurement and auxiliary services if you have any questions regarding its use.
  4. Each card will be issued in the cardholder name. Embossed below the college's name and logo is a tax-exempt ID number. Inform any merchants you use of our tax-exempt status. The Controller's or Purchasing Office can provide a tax-exempt letter if necessary.
  5. Recordkeeping is essential to ensure the success of this program. This is not an extraordinary requirement - standard reimbursement policies require retention of receipts, etc. And as with any credit/charge card, common sense suggests the retention of receipts for your protection. Receipts must be retained by the individual cardholder for a minimum of three years from the transaction date.
  6. Finally, remember you are committing Goucher College funds each time you use your credit card.