Additional Reserve Guidelines

After determining that a work may be placed on print reserve, or in the electronic learning environment, you must follow these additional guidelines:

  • The number of copies should be limited or, in an electronic environment, passwords or some other authentication method should be used to ensure that only students enrolled in that class have access to the copyrighted material;
  • Duplicated, distributed, or displayed material should always include available bibliographic information;
  • Each item placed on reserve must include a notice of copyright (e.g., "Copyright 1990 by Academic Books, Inc.") if the material falls within the Safe Harbor or Fair Use Analysis, but not if the material is in the public domain;
  • Students should not be charged more than the actual cost of copying, producing, or otherwise making the material available; and
  • Permission must be obtained for materials that will be used more than one semester by the same instructor for the same course.