What special rules apply to reserves and coursepacks?

Much has been written about the implications, under copyright law, of placing course materials on reserve and, in particular, about the practice of placing coursepacks on electronic reserve. Several high-profile court cases have addressed the practice of commercial copyshops reproducing copyrighted materials for use in coursepacks. Copyright owners will pay increasing attention to these practices, particularly as more of these materials are digitized and available for loading into electronic networks. The ease with which students can download, reproduce, and circulate electronic reserve materials is a matter of great concern to publishers and copyright owners, because they view this practice as potentially having a significant impact on the market for these works.

In order to assist the college community in complying with copyright law with respect to these types of materials, the guidelines set out in the link below will apply to reserves and coursepacks, whether in print or electronic form. For purposes of this policy a “coursepack” is a collection of readings and other academic materials that is put together by an instructor for use as primary or supplementary course material.

The rationale for these guidelines is derived primarily from the Guidelines for Classroom Copying, mentioned above, because the reserve shelf in these circumstances functions as an extension of classroom readings.