Frequently Asked Questions

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Tuition Payments

When are tuition payments due?

Fall 2017 payment due August 3, 2017

Goucher College sends billing (E-bill) statements only via email. Your student must grant you access to your billing statement through their myGoucher webpage. Instructions can be found at Once your student has done this you can access your billing statement by going to the Parent section of the website, then clicking on Billing (under Financial Information) and then clicking on E-billing and online payments

Health Insurance; Health Issues

Does my student need health insurance?

Yes, all full-time Goucher students are required to have health insurance coverage. If you have health insurance and do not wish to purchase insurance through Goucher, you may waive enrollment in the college plan. Be advised that your student will be enrolled and billed automatically if you take no action to waive Goucher coverage. For plan details and to waive or enroll in the college plan go to

For more information, visit the Goucher Health Insurance web site.


If my student becomes ill, where should he/she go?

Your student should go to the campus Health Center. The Goucher Student Health Center is an outpatient primary health care facility that provides comprehensive medical care for acute and stable chronic illnesses, women's health care, preventive medical care, short-term counseling and health education services. The Center is staffed by a board-certified physician, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, certified nurse practitioners, counselors and registered nurses. For more information, including operating hours, visit the Student Health Center website.

Grades; Academic Advising

How can I see my student's grade reports or transcripts and see how they are performing academically?

You cannot unless your student has given you permission to do so. Scores and grades on papers and exams, progress in a course, and deficiencies in a subject area, etc., are all examples of personally identifiable information that make up part of the student's education record. This information is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and parents may not have access to this information unless the student has provided written consent to release this information to the parent or guardian. At Goucher College, records may be released to parents only if the student has gone into their myGoucher account (under "FERPA") and indicated which outside party should have access to this information.


I think my student may need some academic support. What should they do?

Your student should first discuss this with his professors and/or advisor. General support and mentoring are provided to all students through these relationships, and Goucher College instructors are more than willing to work with their students to further their understanding of course material. Assistance with general academic skills, including study skills and time management, are provided at the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). A student-staffed Writing Center is also available to assist students with writing assignments.

Housing and/or roommate issues

What happens if my student and his or her roommate don't get along?

Your student should reach out to his/her Residence Assistant (RA) to discuss this. Our Residence Assistants (RAs) are para-professionals who complete an intense training and live in the residence halls to provide support and resources for students living on campus. They are also supported by the professional staff at the Office of Residential Life. In most instances, your student's RA can facilitate discussion and compromise leading to the resolution of roommate differences-an important life skill!


Is there a calendar that lists important dates I should know about, including when the campus and dorms are closed, dates of exam week, etc.?

Yes, please see this webpage for the Academic Calendar and Important Dates.

Spending Money

Does my student need cash in order to buy things on campus?

No. Every student receives a Goucher One Card, a debit card for on-campus spending, which also serves as an electronic "key" for access to campus buildings and a Goucher dining and library card. Visit the OneCard website for more information on the One Card System and how parents can make deposits to it.