Goucher Library Student International Purchasing Program

Program Information

As part of this program, the Library will award $50 to students who are studying abroad to purchase books, CDs of local music, DVDs, etc. from their host country to become part of the Goucher College Library.  Awards can be given prior to leaving for study abroad or upon return.  Every item that a student purchases will be cataloged and placed in the Library stacks, including a book plate with the student's name and country of travel. 

Material Selection

  • Goucher students who are abroad agree to purchase materials for the Goucher College Library that capture the spirit/essence of the country's geography, history, and/or culture from the local to the national.
  • The materials do not need to be in English.

Purchasing Items

  • If possible, students are to check the Library catalog before purchasing any materials to make sure there is no duplication (we are aware that this may prove impossible for some people).
  • Students should turn in a copy of the purchase receipts with the items when they return to Goucher.
  • All materials should be turned into the Library within 3 months of the student's return to campus.

How to Apply