Learning Outcomes for the Major & Minor in Spanish

Expected Learning Outcomes for Majors and Minors

Learning Outcome 1:

Reflect on major cultural and literary texts, issues and concerns in the field of Hispanic and Latinx studies in order to solve complex problems with people who are not like themselves.

Skill: Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing in the language at the level appropriate for advanced students in a B. A. program, the results of their own research and the research of others.

Learning Outcome 2:

Understand and examine the continued pertinence of the primary and secondary visual and written texts and cultural artifacts within the field of Hispanic and Latinx studies.

Skill: Write thesis-driven and descriptive essays recognizing and critically examining key assumptions pertinent to the study of Hispanic and Latinx texts (primary and secondary sources) in the context of the cultures in which they are produced.

Learning Outcome 3:

Demonstrate awareness for personal and cultural differences and a commitment to responsible global citizenship and social justice, which includes personal resilience and engagement in community/world issues.

Skill: Actively engage in a semester abroad program, living with a host family, and successfully completing the academic requirement for the program abroad (only for Majors).