Learning Goals & Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Goucher College states as its overall Learning Goal that "students will use concepts, theories, and/or methods from multiple perspectives or fields of study to identify and address complex problems while learning about themselves, their communities, and the world." A Religion Major and Minor prepares students to reach these goals through an interdisciplinary study of religious and spiritual worldviews, and the development of skills with which to communicate and collaborate with those with different religious and spiritual worldviews.

Upon completing a degree in religion, students should be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate a broad, yet nuanced, understanding of the place of religion and religious inquiry in the human experience and the ways in which religion and spirituality complicate and mitigate real world problems and commitments to social justice. (ANALYZE)
  2. Communicate across religious difference and integrate multiple perspectives in exploring the relationship between religion and society generally, and religion and privilege, power, and justice specifically. (CONNECT) 
  3. Consider alternative points of view and asymmetries of power and opportunity reinforced, enabled, and caused by religious and spiritual worldviews. (RESPECT)
  4. Demonstrate skills of self-reflection in engaging with diverse perspectives and articulating one’s own worldview and orientation around religion. (REFLECT)
  5. Contribute new knowledge and analysis to the field of religious studies through clear, concise, well-conceived, and well-researched arguments in oral and written form. (CONTRIBUTE) 

Updated: January 2018

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