What Psychology Students are Saying

Testimonials from recently graduated Psychology Majors

"This program has changed me in ways I never thought it would. I can honestly say I am a completely different person from the girl who walked in those doors, to the woman who walked out."
-Chassidy Cage (’16)

"Being a psychology major at Goucher has greatly helped me to grow as a student, a researcher, an employee, and a leader. The friendly and encouraging faculty guided me through my four-year journey in which I gained a great deal of skills ranging from data analysis to applying psychological concepts to improve lives. I feel confident leaving the psychology program as a well-rounded, educated individual. Thanks for everything!"
-Sarah Lummis (’17)

"The Goucher Psychology program has been an amazing experience for me. They have helped me develop critical thinking and analytical skills that are vital to becoming a successful academic, as well as an in-depth understanding of the demographic intersectionalities that effect the outcome of being a successful therapist. On top of providing an invaluable education, the psychology faculty has always supported my endeavors and helped me intellectually and personally develop over the last four years."
-Sofia Robinson (’17)

"Psychology at Goucher has allowed me to integrate information from multiple disciplines and life experiences in order to gain a more holistic perspective of the world around me."
-Alix Scherer (’17)

"I declared my psychology major as a sophomore during a time in which I was feeling very lost and confused about whether or not I wanted to continue completing my other major. Once I joined the Psychology department I was able to find my niche. The material we were going over consistently grabbed my attention, our professors always inspired us to challenge ourselves, and I was able to surround myself with a supportive community made up by not only my peers but also by our faculty members. I was able to find my place, but I was also able to learn more about both of my majors by realizing that politics and psychology can be/are interconnected."
-Penelope Durand (’17)

"My experiences as a Psychology major have done more than just prepare me for my future career. Everything I've learned has helped me grow both as an individual and as a member of society. I am grateful for each of my professors and the guidance, support, and knowledge they have given me."    
-Ashley Pearman (’17)

"After completing the Psychology major at Goucher, I feel that I have received a well-rounded education, and I look forward to where that will lead me."
-Joe Weintraub (’17)

"I am so grateful to the Goucher Psychology Department for such a positive, holistic, challenging, and rewarding undergraduate experience." 
-Reilly Weinstein (’17)

"I am really glad I choose to come to Goucher and studied psychology."
-Kyle Levy (’17)

"The Goucher Psychology Department has some of the best faculty/student relationships and opportunities for research. The classes were interesting and engaging and provided a well-rounded base in psychology."
–Sarah Eckart, Class of ‘16

"I was always welcomed by all professors in the Psychology Department. I was able to go to multiple members of the department to help me with personal things, it really become a part of my Goucher Family!!!"
– Anonymous, Class of ‘16

"The Psychology Department and professors have brought me to where I am at today, and taught how to step out of my comfort zone. I am so proud to be a Psychology Major!"
– Giselle Rotenberg, Class of ‘16

"I came to Goucher as a dancer, thinking I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I struggled finding my passion within the dance field but found a home within my psychology courses. I had always had a love for psychology but with the professors and the course content offered, I did not question where I was supposed to be. I thank everyone for their love and legitimate interest in my personal success."
– Lindsey Hahn, Class of ‘16

"I came to Goucher with the idea to be a Biology Major. I left Goucher with a Psychology degree. I found a family and a calling through the Psychology Major and it changed my life. I have learned more about myself through my time at Goucher's Psychology Department."
– Brook Fulton, Class of ‘16

"Opportunities are within your reach with the Psychology Department at Goucher. Being in Baltimore, you are near world renowned institutions for psychological healthcare and sciences! The professors are experts and willing and ready to speak with students about their interests! All it takes is a question or conversation with a professor here to grasp new opportunities and learn more about the field! The Psychology Department here is life changing!"
– Anonymous, Class of ‘16

"I've always been interested in psychology but it wasn't until my experience with the department at Goucher that it became a true passion of mine! Thanks for everything!"
- Mia Daniels, Class of '15

"Transparency, creativity, innovative, friendly and personable professors who are clearly invested in the students and each other. They seem to have strong relationships with each other which comes through in the general vibe of the department."
-Morgan Stevens, Class of ‘15

"The psychology department at Goucher has been wonderful and has taught me so much during my four years at Goucher. They offer so many diverse perspectives and teaching styles that I feel I have received a well-rounded education in psychology."
- anonymous, Class of ‘15

"I think the faculty all do a great job of creating an environment of respect, friendliness, and open-mindedness in their relationships with each other (from a student’s perspective) and with students. This tone sets a precedent of kindness, respect, and collaboration between students and with professors that makes for a really comfortable learning environment that helps students do well."
-Emily Carlson, Class of ‘15

"The Goucher Psychology department will always be supportive of you and will give you the best education!"
- Elisabeth Harvey, Class of ‘15

"This program did two great things for me. It allowed me to find my passion in clinical psychology and helping people, and it helped my passion grow by providing me professors who are at the top of their respective fields and passionate about helping students grow and learn."
- Sam Davis, Class of ‘15