Where Are They Now?

What can you do with a Goucher degree in Physics? Anything! Just consider what our alumni have done after graduation.

Graduation Year Currently they are...
2016 Pursuing a doctorate in medical physics at Vanderbilt University.
2016 Programmer in the finance industry.
2016 Programmer/Analyst at a cybersecurity firm.
2016 Pursuing a master's degree in mechanical engineering at George Mason University.
2016 Pursuing secondary education teaching certificate.
2016 Scientific staff at a biotech research firm.
2016 Pursuing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
2015 Outreach staff at a science museum.
2015 Pursuing a Ph.D. in materials engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.
2014 Working for an environmental engineering firm.
2014 Pursuing a Ph.D. in theoretical physics at Boston University.
2013 Pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
2013 Member of a Dance Troupe
2012 Technology and Social Media Consultant
2012 Self-employed in Business Administration and Management
2011 Pursuing a Ph.D. in Biological Physics at Rockefeller University
2011 Accepted into Ph.D. Program at CU Boulder in environmental/mechanical engineering. Left after Masters. Applying for jobs.
2011 Earched Masters degree at CU Boulder in environmental/mechanical engineering. Short-listed for a job with RES America
2011 Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics at Syracuse University
2011 MAT in Secondary Math Education from American University; currently a 7th grade math teacher
2010 in U.S. Navy, studying nuclear engineering.
2010 Pursuing a Ph.D. in aerospatial engineering at Johns Hopkins University
2010 Research assistant at the Space Telescope Science Institute for 3 years; now pursuing a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University
2010 Support Center Specialist for the Johns Hopkins Medical Center IT dept.
2010 Pursuing a Masters degree in Physics at California State University-Long Beach
2009 Actuarial Associate at GEICO
2008 Pursuing a Ph.D. in Materials Science at University of Rochester
2008 Earned a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics at University of Maryland at Baltimore County; currently a software engineer
2007 Pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University
2007 Records clerk at a law firm in Philadelphia
2007 Pursuing a Ph.D. program in Atomic and Molecular Physics at University of Maryland College Park
2007 Pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematics at University of Pittsburg
2006 Earned Masters in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Maryland College Park.
2006 Earned Ph.D. in Statistical Physics from Boston University; currently a lecturer at Boston University School of Management
2006 Research position in a government laboratory in the Washington DC area
2005 Earned M.D. from George Washington University in Washington DC; currently a medical resident/felow at the Department of Pathology at George Washington University
2005 Earned Masters in Physiology from Georgetown University; currently a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton
2002 Chief Operating Officer at a construction company.
2001 Earned Ph.D. in Materials Science at the Johns Hopkins University. Currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Food and Drug Administration
2000 Assistant Development Engineer at the UCLA Dept. of Physics
2000 Earned Masters in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University; currently working in industry
1998 Earned Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Johns Hopkins University; currently a theoretical physics faculty member at Florida State University and National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.