Study Abroad 102

After attending a Study Abroad 101 Session students who are interested in semester study abroad programs must attend Study Abroad 102. Study Abroad 102 are led by the study abroad advisors who will provide students with country and program specific information. The half hour sessions will also feature a detailed overview of the application process. Review the dates and times below to find the session that is right for you. These sessions are offered up until the listed date below. Students interested in a semester study abroad program must participate in Study Abroad 101 and 102 before meeting individually with an advisor. If there is not a session that fits your schedule, please come to the walk in hours (listed below) for the appropriate advisor. There are no Study Abroad 102 sessions for short-term (summer/winter) study abroad programs.

Session Dates & Times

All Study Abroad 102 Sessions are held in the Hub Conference Room, Van Meter 107, unless otherwise noted.

EUROPE - OIS Advisor, Mark Bladel

Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Greece

TUESDAY               AUGUST 27              12 PM

THURSDAY          SEPTEMBER 5            10 AM

TUESDAY             SEPTEMBER 10          12 PM

MONDAY             SEPTEMBER 16          1 PM

ROMANCE LANGUAGES and Costa Rica - OIS Advisor, Mark Bladel

Paris Gateway, IFE Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, Spanish Studies Cordoba and Seville and Costa Rica - Globalization, Development and Environment @ Monteverde Institute

WEDNESDAY         AUGUST 28                11 AM

TUESDAY             SEPTEMBER 3              10 AM

MONDAY             SEPTEMBER 9              11 AM

THURSDAY          SEPTEMBER 19            1 PM

UNITED KINGDOM - OIS Advisor, Mark Bladel     

THURSDAY            AUGUST  29                  10 AM

THURSDAY            SEPTEMBER  5               3 PM

WEDNESDAY        SEPTEMBER  11             11:30 AM

TUESDAY              SEPTEMBER  17             11:30 AM


FRIDAY                    AUGUST  30                  1 PM

FRIDAY                  SEPTEMBER  13            10:30 AM

WEDNESDAY        SEPTEMBER  18            12:30 PM

SIT - OIS Advisor, Mark Bladel

The Balkans, Morocco, Netherlands, India    

WEDNESDAY       SEPTEMBER  4              12 PM

ASIA - OIS Advisor, Mark Bladel

Chengdu and Shanghai, China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand  

TUESDAY             SEPTEMBER 3               12 PM

AFRICA and ISRAEL- OIS Advisor, Mark Bladel

Ghana, Israel, Mauritius, South Africa

MONDAY          SEPTEMBER  9                  3 PM                  


Gilman scholarship opportunities  

FRIDAY                  SEPTEMBER  13              12 PM    

WEDNESDAY        SEPTEMBER  25               4 PM     

Fulbright peer review workshops-drop-ins welcome

MONDAY              SEPTEMBER 30                 4:30-5:30 PM     

Please bring drafts of all essays to scholarship information sessions. For Gilman application instructions, please see

Advisor Walk-in Hours

If you are unable to come to a session that you are interested in you may come to the appropriate semester term advisor's walk in hours.  No appointment necessary.    

Mark Bladel  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 2 PM and 4 PM

Jennifer Englar Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 2 PM and 4 PM

*Please note that you must have attended Abroad 101 and declared your major to receive a semester application.


Contact Mark at or Jennifer at