Frequently Asked Questions for Study Abroad Alternatives

I am graduating in May 2021 and still need to fulfill my study abroad requirement. What are my options?

Students can either enroll in a no-credit virtual exchange in either the Fall or Spring or enroll in a four credit seminar to be offered in the Spring semester. Students choosing to enroll in the virtual exchange must also attend a speaker’s series.

What will I learn in the virtual exchange?

This is an independent, online facilitated dialogue model that connects young people around the world. Through the 8 week course students can hope to gain enhanced communication skills and improved attitudes toward difference through discussions framed around current social challenges and world events. It is tailored to help explore the perceived cultural fault line between the United States and Middle East/North Africa through political, social, and personal values-based discussions.

How does the virtual exchange work?

Through a web-conferencing application, students speak face-to-face in groups of 8-10 global peers. Students will discuss topics related to identity, religion, culture, and social and political topics. Group members are encouraged to share their cultures and perspectives openly.

What is the time commitment for the virtual exchange?

This is an 8 week course, and students are expected to spend around three weeks each week to complete it. Two of those hours will be spent in a virtual, facilitated discussion with students from around the world. A short, final reflection piece will be required for any student using this to fulfill the study abroad requirement.

How much is this virtual exchange?

We are pleased to offer this course for free to students.

What will I learn in the Spring seminar?

The 4 credit seminar’s components are both academic and experiential, combining in-class readings, discussions, and writings with local/regional for onsite observation and engagement. The experiential components of this seminar consist of travelling, to the extent that it is safe to do so, to globally focused NGOs, nonprofits, and multinational corporations in Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City, or students’ local communities. Students and employees will hold discussions on race, power and perspective, diversity at the workplace, global leadership acumen, and more.

I am not graduating in May 2021/I do not need this to count for my study abroad requirement. Can I still enroll in the virtual exchange or the four-credit seminar?

Yes, you may, however preference will be given to those students graduating in May 2021.

Is Spring 2021 study abroad an option for students?

No, Spring 2021 study abroad is not an option due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Can I do an ICA in Summer 2021 to fulfill this requirement?

For May 2021 graduates these are the three options to fulfill the study abroad requirement. While we are planning to run ICAs this Summer, students should not rely on this to fulfill their requirement. Students graduating in May 2021 are welcome to apply to Summer 2021 ICAs so long as they are also enrolling in either the virtual exchange or the Spring seminar.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact Mark Bladel at for more information