Letter to New Students

At Goucher, we recognize that the world you will come to know throughout your lifetime will change rapidly. Yet we believe the liberal arts still provide the best ways for you to learn how to navigate an increasingly complex future. The studies we ask you to undertake are built specifically for students in the 21st century, as preparation for the world you inherit. The classes we offer focus on an interdisciplinary, problem-based approach to learning that demands that you learn how to think. This approach is student centered, in that it develops your own interests in subject areas, including the area of  your major. It also shifts the focus from what you know to how you know what you know.

At Goucher, we give you a lot of freedom to determine and then follow your own interests. You will draw from different fields (as well as practices and methodologies) throughout your time with us, and learn to approach problems and questions from multiple angles. We also emphasize that human lives are lived globally as well as locally, and believe that we must all learn how to adapt to new environments and methods, to solve problems creatively, and to question any truths we have accepted without testing.

When you graduate from Goucher, we want you to be prepared for the challenges you take on after college. We’re thinking about those challenges and your future as we help you grow and learn throughout your college experience. We care deeply about you, and the world we inhabit together.

Welcome to the Goucher community! We’re excited to see what you become.

Leslie W. Lewis