Goucher Academic Projects

With the implementation of the new curriculum in Fall 2017 (Goucher Commons Requirements), we name two areas of common inquiry for the campus community: justice among people, which includes a new requirement focused on race, power, and perspective; and justice and the natural world, including a requirement focused on environmental sustainability. Projects related to these areas of inquiry include activities and initiatives supported by the Green Fund and the Goucher History Projects, including Epsom Farm.

Our new schedule of classes (XLSX) provides a Common Hour on Wednesdays from 1:15-2:30 p.m. and Common Hour academic programming.

First-year students read a common text the summer before they arrive on campus, and this provides a touchstone for the academic year. Our Summer 2017 reading is Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy. Each academic year we also focus on a theme that provides a framework for events and activities. For 2017-18, our theme is community. Previous themes include The Power of Storytelling, Mindfulness and Civil Rights.