Waste Systems & Solutions

Daniela Beall, BS, MBA
EARTH DAY, Monday, April 22, 2019, 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Buchner Hall - Alumni House (Directions / Campus Map) 

Program Description

This program is designed to help learners understand our waste systems and the ways in which people can influence them from the individual level to the community level. This course will explore the local waste systems within their global contexts, and draw upon examples of regional waste systems from around the world to develop ideas for change.

 Program Objective

  1. Understand the different steps involved in moving waste from an end user to a processing facility, and factors that influence each step in the chain.
  2. Recognize which materials can be recycled or composted and understand why.
  3. Describe the evolution of our waste systems.
  4. Understand and evaluate the impacts of different modes of waste disposal.
  5. Identify ways in which people can influence the waste system from an individual-level to the community-level.

Program Format

PowerPoint presentation on evolution of waste systems (history and future), with discussion of impacts and means of influence. 

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About the Presenter

Daniela BeallDaniela Beall is the Sustainability Coordinator at Goucher and has been working to better understand the moving parts of the waste system of Goucher's campus within the regional context. Prior to joining Goucher College, she was a Graduate Assistant for Environmental Initiatives at Towson University, which included developing and implementing educational programs to encourage proper recycling and composting. Through various internships and coursework, she has researched the ethics and psychology of consumption and waste behavior, the health and environmental impacts of our waste system, the economics of various waste operations, and more. She completed her undergraduate coursework in environmental science and studies at Cornell University and Towson University, completed her MBA at the University of Baltimore and Towson University, and looks forward to a life of learning!