Preserving Memories through Journaling

Liz Neal, MS
Monday, October 14, 2019
1 - 3 pm in Buchner Hall - Alumni House (Directions / Campus Map)

Registration Fee: $28

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Program Description

The practice of journaling provides an opportunity to look inwardly and reflect on aspects of your life. In this workshop, participants learn simple prompts for journal entries, as well as tips and strategies for making journaling part of their regular routine. The workshop will include examples of each strategy, and time is provided for participants to ask questions and discuss journaling reflections and insights.

Program Objective

Participants will learn to:

  • Examine and practice various strategies for journaling
  • Discuss the application of each strategy

Program Format

  • Presentation and hands-on exercises
  • A practice writing booklet will be provided

About the Presenter

NealLiz Neal has worked in education for over 32 years as a teacher, media specialist, and administrator. She started journaling over 30 years ago and has found the practice as a foundation for personal reflection and self-awareness. Liz and her husband live in Cockeysville, MD. They have three grown daughters and five grandchildren. She loves spending time with family, reading, traveling, and, of course, journaling.