Four Shapers of Baltimore City:

Disease, B&O Railroad, the Confederacy, & Race, Told Through the Graves in Greenmount Cemetery

Greenmount Grave SitesRovan Wernsdorfer, MDiv
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
10 – 11:30 am in Buchner Hall - Alumnae/i House
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Registration Fee: $18

Program Description

Baltimore has long been one of the major metropolitan ports and trading centers of the U.S.  It has also been a distinctively “Southern” city, which was part of the “North” before, during, and after the Civil War – contributing to its distinctive character.  This presentation will take a close-up look at this unique history of the City of Baltimore, and use it as a catalyst for insight and understanding the complexities of today.

Program Objective

People who live in the greater Baltimore metropolitan region often have a “love-hate” relationship with the City. This talk may illuminate some of the reasons why.

Program Format

  • Presentation
  • Question and answer

Suggested Supplementary Readings

  • Baltimore: A Political History – by Matthew Crenson
  • The Ghosts of Johns Hopkins – Antero Pietila  

About Rovan Wernsdorfer, MDiv

RovanRev. Wernsdorfer earned his BA from Johns Hopkins University in 1964, and his MDiv from Episcopal Theological School and Harvard in 1969. He is a former Episcopal priest and chaplain at Hopkins Hospital. In addition, he is a long-time social activist and international social worker for the Quaker American Friends Service Committee. Presently he is active in a church in the Lower Park Heights section of Baltimore, and for decades he has given regular tours of Greenmount Cemetery, telling the story of Baltimore City.