Drawing with Code

Drawing with CodeAndrew Bernstein, MFA
Friday, October 11, 2019
10 – 11:30 am in Julia Rogers 121
Registration Fee: $24

Program Description

Digital Technology has transformed the way that artists and designers create. Commercial software has made it easier than ever to produce professional quality work, and some artists prefer to create their own bespoke software to realize their unique creative visions. In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of computer programming and create your own simple program that allows you to draw with code. This workshop is for all ages (18+) and skill levels. No previous coding experience necessary!

After the coding workshop, Prof. Bernstein will introduce Sage participants to Goucher's new makerspace, a hub of creativity and innovation currently located in the Julia Rogers building. During the Fall 2017 semester, Bernstein, along with Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Phong Le, worked with Goucher students to build a CNC router, a computer-controlled cutting machine used in the digital fabrication process. Bernstein says that letting students “drive the CNC assembly” process was an important part of empowering students to take ownership over the space.

Supported in part by the Greater Goucher Fund, the makerspace also houses the Fred Warden 3-D printer, several Raspberry Pi and Arduino microcontrollers used to program robots, and a sewing machine with conductive thread and fabric so students can make wearable technology garments.

Program Objective

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the basics of computer programming
  • Understand the impact of computer programming on creative expression
  • Create a simple program that produces visual content

Program Format

  • Presentation with instruction
  • Hands on use of computers in the Digital Arts Classroom
  • Question and Answer opportunity

Suggested Supplementary Reading

Make: Getting Started with p5.js by Lauren McCarthy

About the Presenter

Andrew Bernstein

Andrew Bernstein is a composer, performer, and artist based in Baltimore, MD. His work has taken form in solo and ensemble performances, generative audio/visual software, interactive multimedia and robotic installations, and music for theatre, film and dance. He has presented his work internationally and is active in the Baltimore music and art communities. He is a member of the experimental rock quartet Horse Lords and is on the board of the High Zero Foundation. His message to artists: "Don't fear technology - embrace it."