Sage Mission & Vision


Sage Academy for Lifelong Learning nurtures the beliefs that learning happens everywhere, the joy of learning is always within us, and we can all learn much from each other.


Sage will engage curious-minded people with a diversity of life experience and create new communities that cultivate current interests and inspire new ones.

What is Sage?

Sage is an intergenerational community for active adult learners who enjoy intellectual and social journeys in the company of others with inquiring minds and engaged lifestyles. With foresight and imagination, Sage will offer programs that tap into the opportunities that abound through Goucher, while creating a vibrant and distinctive organization responsive to the ever-evolving interests of adventurous learners. This could include one-time presentations, series programs, site visits to cultural institutions, and excursions to exotic locations. Imagine the possibilities! 

To our Audience

Do you enjoy new challenges?

Would you like to engage your curiosity in an intergenerational community of active adult learners?

Would you like to lead a program and share your expertise?

Do you have a suggestion for a program you'd like to see offered?

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