A Message from a Sage Pioneer

Melinda BurdetteI’ve always dreamed big. But from my involvement with Goucher over the years, I know this college to be a place where the possibilities seem limitless, and collaboration brings its own special joys and rewards. So when I heard about Sage, I jumped at the chance to help get it off the ground.

Of course, my imagination took flight...

I saw myself in a Monday course titled “What the Frack?”--an introduction to the chemistry at the center of critical environmental issues such as air quality, natural resource availability, climate change and environmental issues. (Note: I was an art history major and don’t have a scientific bone in my body! But with a gulp, I’m ready to take a leap and try something outside my academic comfort zone.)

On Wednesdays I’ve registered for “Give me your Tired”--a discussion-oriented class on the current debates about immigration, citizenship, and identity. 

Going to class makes me hungry...and I’d like to extend the conversation about immigration reform over lunch. So off I go with a few of my fellow Sagers to the new Mary Fisher Community Dining Center. Over a healthy salad, we comment that it feels good to be around young people. It takes us back to that time when we were their age. Life seemed simpler then. Not so today. Sage came along at a good time in our lives to pick up our pace. Not that we don’t stay busy--but we all agree that the pulse of Goucher’s campus makes us feel invigorated!

It’s suddenly 1:00. Gotta work off the calories from the decadent chocolate cake I couldn’t pass up. So I power walk the short distance to the Sports & Rec Center, show my OneCard, and I slide into the Introduction to Yoga class with a different group of my Sage cohort.

Refreshed, and on the way back to my car parked at the College Center, I stop by the Athenaeum to peruse the Library and wave to the staff in the Special Collections department. Tomorrow I’ll meet a small group of Sagers there for our weekly volunteer project: transcribing oral history interviews that have been archived. It’s a great way to combine learning with doing something productive that also helps the college.

Now, what about you? How will the Sage Academy for Lifelong Learning contribute to your life? Become a Sage pioneer and find out!


Melinda Burdette ‘72
Advisory Team