A Message from a Sage Pioneer

Melinda BurdetteWhen you’re hungering for intellectual stimulation in the company of fellow lifelong learning enthusiasts, you’ve got many choices in the Baltimore area. But what’s distinctive about the Sage Academy for Lifelong Learning is the feeling you’ll have at Goucher.

You’ll find free, convenient parking. Goucher’s park-like grounds are yours to enjoy on the short stroll to your program—or take an extended walk around the beautiful campus. You can relax with a hot or cold beverage at Alice’s in the Athenaeum or have a snack or lunch in Mary Fisher.

When you’re at Goucher, you’ll feel like a student again. And, what could be a more fun and invigorating way to roll back the clock! The campus literally pulses with the energy and activity of young people.

Sage participants span all ages and embrace diversity. Sharing experiences and perspectives across generations elevates the discourse, adds a lively dimension to conversations, and makes it easy to find common threads that can spark new friendships.

If this sounds like your kind of place and your idea of a good time, come hang out on Goucher’s  campus this year. No homework, tests, or final exams. Feed your passions and discover new interests—Sage welcomes you to its vibrant new community!


Melinda Burdette ‘72