Goucher Post-Bac Premed: About the Program


  1. Classes are small—typically 32 post-bacc students in the lecture part of class, 16 in each lab—and have been designed with the particular needs of post-bac students in mind.
  2. There are two advisors dedicated exclusively to our post-bac students—plus a program graduate who serves as a full-time teaching assistant, providing tutoring and MCAT preparation.
  3. Our program is intimate and close-knit, and the atmosphere is warm and noncompetitive. That allows your professors and advisors to get to know you well, work with you closely, and provide you with a detailed, personalized letter of recommendation for medical school.
  4. We offer workshops, speakers, and panels throughout the year addressing various aspects of applying to medical school and working in the profession.
  5. And did we mention our graduates’ 99.5 percent medical school acceptance rate in the last fifteen years?