Nonfiction Certificate

Fact-based Narrative

Post-baccalaureate certificate

This certificate in factual narrative teaches storytelling skills and narrative design. Through its approach to storytelling craft and its application, the program will emphasize both intellectual inquiry and creativity.

Certificate Application

Program Details
Credits 12
Timeline 12 months
Next start date August 19, 2024
Post-baccalaureate Certificate Cost $6,300
Student & Technology Fees $780
Total estimated program cost $7,080

*Please note that the cost listed above is an estimated program cost. Tuition and fees are re-evaluated every year and are subject to change each summer for the following academic year.

Course Descriptions

Required Courses

CNF 600 Nonfiction Basics: Narrative Design (3 credits – new)
This course offers an intensive survey of storytelling and its applications in nonfiction writing. It is designed to give students, especially those coming from non-writing professions, fluency in established craft principles of storytelling and familiarity with nonfiction works that embody these principles.

CNF 625 Research & Reporting (3 credits)
In this course, students learn skills to conduct in-depth research, interviews, and reporting under the supervision of a faculty mentor. They also will explore strategies for weaving data and other information into narrative.

CNF 640 Projects in Digital Narrative (3 credits)
The course allows students to increase their knowledge of storytelling while gaining proficiency in using what they learn in a variety of different platforms. As they will study how stories are constructed and created, they will also learn ways to apply universal elements of narrative in writing, video, audio, and other forms.

CNF 650 Fieldwork in Nonfiction (3 credits)
Students create a research and writing plan outside of the CNF program’s core course structure, and prepare an outline for a manuscript.