Health Insurance

 Graduate students registered full time (9+ credits) are eligible to participate in the Goucher Health Insurance plan.  (See plan rates here).  The insurance premium will be charged directly to your Goucher account. Spouses and/or dependent children can be enrolled in the Goucher plan but must be enrolled directly with GM-Southwest, Inc. on the insurance website:  Payment of the premium for family member coverage will be paid directly to GM-Southwest, Inc.

Graduate  Enrollment Process: To elect enrollment, email the Graduate Programs office at  The Graduate Programs office will submit your information to be entered in the plan database and you will then be automatically enrolled in the plan.  Once enrolled, you can go online at and click the "Register/Login" tab to complete the registration process and to print a temporary ID card and Health Ticket.  A permanent ID card will be mailed to you.  If you have questions about your enrollment, please call (888) 776-9920 or (800) 477-4415 or go to the website above.