M.Ed. Program Plan

M. Ed. and School Improvement Leadership with Administrative Certification

M. Ed. with Administrator 1 Certification is 39 credits total of which 18 credits are offered through the School Improvement Leadership Cohort.

Core Courses (15 credits)  
ED 601 (Theories of Development)  
ED 605 (Research)  
ED 681 (Curriculum Development in a Multi-Cultural Society) Cohort Class
choose 2 of the following 3:  
ED 602 (Sociological Perspective)  
ED 603 (Personality Development & Self-Esteem)  
ED 604 (Contemporary Issues)  
Action Research (3 credits)  
ED 606 (Action Research)  
School Improvement Leadership (9 credits for M.ED.)  3 additional credits required for Administrator 1 certification
ED 671 (3 credits) School Improvement Leadership - the Theory* Cohort Class
ED 672 (3 credits) Assessing Needs and Evaluating Progress  
ED 673 (3 credits) School Culture** Cohort Class  
ED 674 (3 credits) Internship/Seminar***
  • ED 674a (1.5 credits)
  • ED 674b (1.5 credits)
Cohort Class
Clinical Courses (6 credits)  
ED 651   (1.5 credits) Values  (recommended)       
ED 652   (1.5 credits) Mediation of Conflict (recommended)       
ED 653    (3 credits) Supervision for Effective Instruction Cohort Class
Elective (3 credits)  
ED 646  School Law Cohort Class

* prerequisite for ED 673;   
** pre- or co-requisite for ED 674a 
*** Technology modules 1-3 (or approved alternatives) must be taken as a prerequisite to or concurrently with ED 674. Technology modules are taken for no credit or tuition, but the work must be completed as part of the internship (ED 674).