Professional Development Certificate Program Plan

At-Risk and Diverse Learners Professional Certification

Professional Development Certificate with At-Risk Certification (20 credits total). In additional to the cohort specialization courses and the clinical courses and electives, candidates will need to earn additional credits.

Core Courses (9 credits to be selected from)
ED 601 (Theories of Development)
ED 602 (Sociological Perspective)
ED 603 (Personality Development & Self-Esteem)
ED 604 (Contemporary Issues)
Or any M.Ed. clinical or elective courses
At-Risk Student (11 credits)
ED 631 (3 credits) Psychological & Social Characteristics of the At-Risk Student
ED 632 (2 credits) Psychological & Social Characteristics of the Resilient Student
ED 633 (3 credits) Methods of Teaching the At-Risk
ED 634 (3 credit) special project seminar on the At-Risk Student (includes technology requirement and portfolio completion)