M.Ed. Program Plan

M.Ed. with At-Risk and Diverse Learners with Literacy Emphasis

M.Ed. with At-Risk/Literacy Emphasis Specialization is 36 credits total of which 12 credits are within the Reading and/or Literacy Specialization.

Core Courses (15 credits)
ED 601 (Theories of Development)
ED 602 (Sociological Perspective)
ED 603 (Personality Development & Self-Esteem)
ED 604 (Contemporary Issues)
ED 605 (Research)
Action Research (3 credits)
ED 606 (Action Research)
At-Risk Student (9 credits)
ED 631 (3 credits) Psychological & Social Characteristics of the At-Risk Student
ED 632 (2 credits) Psychological & Social Characteristics of the Resilient Student
ED 625 (3 credits) Strategies and Resources for Teaching Reading
ED 634 (1 credit) special project seminar on the At-Risk Student (technology requirement and portfolio completion)
Clinical Courses (6 credits)
ED 638 (3 credits) Reading Interventions
ED 639 (3 credits) Psychological and Linguistic Foundations of Reading
Elective (3 credits)
626 Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties (if Reading Teacher certification is desired) Or 620A (3 credits) Teaching Students to Write Using Multiple Strategies: Composing (if not seeking reading teacher )

** Technology modules 1-3 (or approved alternative) must be taken as a prerequisite to or concurrently with ED 634.