Pre-AP Summer Institute

The Pre-AP Summer Institute™ is a College Board program that provides students with the time, topics, and skills that matter most to empower them to learn, grow, and build their confidence. The program grants teachers and students the time for deep engagement with content. Pre-AP challenges students to build relevant critical thinking skills through shared principles:

  • Close Observation and Analysis
  • Higher-Order Questioning
  • Evidence-Based Writing
  • Academic Conversations

For additional information about the Pre-AP Program, check out the College Board website at

Pre-AP at Goucher

If you are currently an educator in a Pre-AP school, or are interested in the Pre-AP program, Goucher College provides a 4-day session during the summer. Only schools approved by the College Board are eligible to register for Pre-AP sessions. Contact your principal and/or the College Board to find out how you can get involved. The link to online registration only will be made available by the College Board to approved schools.

Pre-AP courses deliver grade-level appropriate instruction through focused course frameworks, instructional resources, learning checkpoints, and collaborative educator workshops. They are designed to support all students across varying levels of ability through focus. They are not honors or advanced courses. The program grants educators and their students the space and time for deep engagement with content.

Select a Pre-AP course to learn more about it:

Pre-AP Algebra 1

Students master linear relationships and craft arguments to solve real-world problems.

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Pre-AP Biology

Students apply science practices to understand biological systems.

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Pre-AP Chemistry

Students apply science practices to understand matter and energy.

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Pre-AP English 1

Students develop close reading, analytical writing, and language skills.

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Pre-AP English 2

Students focus explicitly and consistently on the building blocks of evidence-based writing.

Read more about Pre-AP English 2

Pre-AP Geometry with Statistics

Students focus on concepts of measurement in the contexts of shape, space, and data.

Read more about Pre-AP Geometry with Statistics

Pre-AP Visual & Performing Arts: Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts

Students engage in the creative process as they create, experiment, revise, and reflect. 

Read more about Pre-AP Visual & Performing Arts

Pre-AP World History and Geography

Students work closely with sources and data as they explore central historical questions.

Read more about Pre-AP World History and Geography