French Language and Culture – APSI In-Person

AP 533.400 Rita Davis


The AP French Language and Culture APSI course is designed to maximize the learner experience, providing relevant AP content and pedagogy through meaningful engagement–all focused on best practices for preparing your AP students for success. An overview of the structure and content of the thematically-organized AP French Language and Culture exam will be provided. Relevant materials and specific instructional techniques for teaching the curriculum will be presented, discussed, and evaluated.  Participants will explore the new AP resources that will help them plan/focus instruction and provide them with feedback throughout the year for areas where individual students need additional focus: unit guides, personal progress checks, and the AP question bank. Participants will develop materials for use in the extensive practice by reviewing the rubrics and the achievement level descriptors that are used by the AP readers in assessing the Interpretive and Interpersonal Communication segments of the AP exam.  Considerable time will be devoted to reviewing and interpreting assessment performance from the June 2021 exam’s student samples. Time will be set aside for creating strategies and resources to create an updated course syllabus that will need to be completed by January 2022. Throughout the week, participants will gain deeper insight in the following key takeaways: Understanding the Course, Teaching the Course, Assessing Student Progress, and Planning the Course.

Course Syllabus

Rita Davis

Rita Davis

Rita Davis was born in Clermont Ferrand, France. She has taught Middle and Upper School French for the last 38 years. She serves as a consultant to the College Board, presenting workshops for new and experienced teachers of AP French. Over the last couple of years, Rita has presented workshops in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Switzerland, and Las Vegas (National AP Conference— summer of 2013 and 2019). She has served as an AP Exam Reader for many years and was appointed a Table Leader in June 2012. Since the implementation of the newly-designed AP French Language and Culture exam, she has reviewed content for various publishers (Barons, Pearson, and Vista in Higher Learning) who have developed textbooks for the AP Exam. Rita served as co-president of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Association of the Teachers of French from 2009-2013, and she is currently a member of the executive council.  Currently, Rita is completing her 2nd three-year term as vice-president of the American Association of French.