M.F.A. in Digital Arts Tuition, Financial Aid, & Scholarships


Direct Costs  
Program Tuition $51,000
Cost per credit $867
Application Fee $0
Technology Fees (due each Fall & Spring semester) $332
Residency Fee (per residency) $400
Enrollment Deposit $500
Estimated Program Total $53,099

Graduate & Professional Program Tuition & Refund Information

Financial Aid

Contact our Office of Student Financial Aid for information and assistance in financing your Goucher education. All student accounts must be current before enrollment is allowed for subsequent semesters. A late fee will be assessed if payment has not been received by the due date.

Incoming students may apply to transfer up to 9 credits from approved graduate-level program or related courses successfully completed at accredited colleges or universities. Students seeking transfer credits must submit a photocopy of course syllabus, catalogue description, and other material that adequately describes the course to the director by the first day of the summer session. A transfer fee of $125 will be charged for each credit.

Payment Plan

A monthly payment plan is available through the CashNet FSPP (full service payment plan), which may be helpful for students who do not qualify for or do not wish to take advantage of the Federal loan program. Payments may be made by check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Contact Billing for more information.


Application Requirements

Students must write a 350-700 word essay about their qualifications for the scholarship for which they would like to be considered. Links to relevant media may be included within the essay. Students can apply for up to two scholarships but must write a separate essay for each. The essay must include:

  • The title of the scholarship for which you are applying
  • Evidence that supports your qualifications for the specific scholarship
  • Your vision for the work you hope to do during and after graduate school as it relates to the nature of the scholarship

The Scholarships

Multimedia Art Scholar

The multimedia art scholar will demonstrate talent across multiple artistic disciplines. They will emphasize a vision to integrate these disciplines into one interconnected medium. The successful applicant will outline specific steps towards working across artistic disciplines.

Social Entrepreneurship Scholar

This scholarship is for graduate students who are passionate about social entrepreneurship, who think and act with an entrepreneurial spirit, who have the ability to put a project or idea into action to benefit the greater society. This award is for students who demonstrate innovative thinking and a commitment to making positive triple bottom line impacts through their work, regardless of the type of organization they might work for: large or small, new or old, religious or secular, nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid.

Media Business Scholar

This scholarship is for graduate students with an eye towards converting their creative skills into a new media business, or in further developing artistic skills that will support business interests.

New Narratives Scholar

The narrative landscape of today is a complex ecosystem of storytelling. While the written word still plays a role, information is also disseminated through video, image, and interactive mediums. The new narratives scholar is focused on creating narrative structures that leverage this complex landscape.

International Perspectives Fellow

This fellowship is intended for international students who wish to study the digital arts while living and working in the United States. Students that receive this fellowship must be able to commit to working with faculty and staff in person throughout the semester. Award preference will be given to students who present a plan for self-development that includes businesses and/or artists within the local community. Renewal of this fellowship is dependent on the student's ability to demonstrate cross-cultural learning and exchange.

Physical Computing Fellow

The Physical Computing fellowship is intended for graduate students who wish to make use of interactive physical systems in their work. It will be awarded to the student who aims to bring digital technology off the screen and into the real-world. This fellowship requires a weekly, face-to-face meeting with an on-campus advisor for the duration of the scholarship. Award preference will be given to students who wish to make use of on-campus resources.