Who Should Apply?

The Masters in Digital Arts at Goucher is a new kind of program, designed to help students leverage the connective and transformative power of technology to create groundbreaking work in digital arts, media, and music. Goucher College's Master of Arts in Digital Arts balances creativity and theory with hands-on practical work, and independently driven goals and outcomes.

You should apply to Digital Arts at Goucher if you want to:

  • Market, sell, and be paid for your art
  • Use technology to present a wide variety of multimedia experiences
  • Understand the legal and business issues involved in the creation, production, and distribution of digital arts media
  • Create an inexpensive but powerful open source, cross-platform studio within the realities of today's extreme economic constraints
  • Learn how to provide digital arts in the formats expected by other companies and distribution outlets
  • Be a leader in new art, delivery and working methods in the digital arts.

So, if you have some background or interest in art or music, want to advance your knowledge and create new works, are entrepreneurial, self-motivated, and hands-on, and are passionate about your work but unsure how to "get it out there," sign up to learn more or apply now!