Graduate Programs in Digital Arts

Goucher’s flexible M.A. and M.F.A. in Digital Arts are designed for students who want to develop a broad base of creative and organizational skills in interactive design, multimedia production, creative technology, and entrepreneurship.

We are no longer accepting new applications for digital arts programs.


Situated within an institution dedicated to the liberal arts, the M.A. and M.F.A. in Digital Arts embody Goucher’s commitment to cross-disciplinary inquiry. The Digital Arts curriculum spans coursework in history, theory, design, animation, sound, video, interactive and networked media, and management topics relevant to the creative artist. You will be encouraged to take risks, explore new avenues for creativity, and push your work in new directions.

Alumnae/i work as graphic and web designers, software developers and art directors, music and broadcast producers, educators, entrepreneurs, and everywhere in between. Beyond learning technical skills, you will work closely with faculty active in the field, develop a network of peers from across the globe, and form the foundation in critical thinking necessary to sustain a creative life.


The M.A. in Digital Arts can be completed fully online, with the option to attend bi-annual on-campus residencies in January and July. The M.F.A in Digital Arts is a low-residency program requiring participation in at least two residencies. During the traditional fall and spring semesters students take rigorous online classes taught by faculty who are active in the field and trained in best practices of online learning. Through multimedia online classrooms, you’ll engage in a dialogue with classmates and faculty as you build a portfolio of professional quality work.

M.A. in Digital Arts M.F.A. in Digital Arts