Academic Support Services

Below are various resources students can use to enhance your learning experience at Goucher so students can be as successful as possible.

Distance Learning Resources

View our Distance Learning Resources for support in Goucher's distance learning environment.

Technical Tools & Support

Visit the Student Tutorials and Resources site for links to multiple technology resources, including the Goucher Help Desk, Canvas, Zoom, Portfolium, DegreeWorks, MyGoucher, the Goucher Library, the Introduction to Distance Learning course, academic policies, and more.

Goucher's Library

  • You’ll have access to the databases
  • Connect to librarians for research help

Praxis CORE tutoring

Contact your program advisor for information on Praxis Tutoring.

Online Writing Center

The Virtual Writing Center for Graduate Students is designed to provide an opportunity to work together with a writing tutor (by appointment) on assessing and improving your academic writing. Tutoring is available for up to four hours per semester; if additional support is needed, students will be encouraged to take the free half-semester Writing Studio course. Drop-in tutoring is also available but must be requested at least 48 hours before any due dates for assignments.

Tutoring may include any or all of the following components: planning, organizing and using evidence in academic writing and thinking, making supported arguments, reading for content by workshopping writing, proofreading, editing, revision, and reviewing writing for clarity and effectiveness.

The Virtual Writing Center Director and Welch Graduate Center Program Directors will assign students to tutoring based on an assessment of their writing needs or may recommend taking the Writing Studio Course GRW601.

How To Access the Writing Center's Resources & Schedule an Appointment

Faculty may make a recommendation to the Writing Center Director or students may request an appointment by contacting Sue Eleuterio at

Appointments for one on one tutoring begin with an advising session of up to 1 hour which will allow the student and the Assessment Coordinator to make a plan for meeting the student’s needs. Students will need to submit a writing sample in order to be eligible for the program. Once the student has been accepted into the process, a tutor will respond within 48 hours, however, responses to student work may take up to one week. We strongly recommend not waiting until close to course/assignment deadlines to request support.