AIA Faculty


Alan Briggs

Alan Briggs

Alan Briggs has a wide breadth of experience researching, teaching, and implementing machine learning, data science, and advanced analytics solutions. After nearly ten years in engineering at UPS, Mr Briggs completed a master's degree in logistics engineering from North Carolina State University. Building on his graduate work in metaheuristic optimization, he transitioned out of the commercial world and began working as a government contractor in the greater Washington DC area. With experience at several well-regarded analytics consultancies, Mr Briggs has worked on dozens of analytics projects during every phase of the process, from business and analytic problem framing, to data management, methodology selection, model building, all the way through to deployment and life-cycle management. He has built and led teams of software engineers and data scientists working on complex, high-impact problems. Additionally, Mr Briggs has worked for several software vendors, providing technical assistance and leadership to sales organizations.

Outside of the office, Mr Briggs has contributed thought leadership in a number of different ways. He has taught analytics sessions, workshops, and courses through various professional organizations, as well as multiple colleges and universities. He has published a book chapter on the practice of analytics, and developed numerous blog posts, white papers, and conference presentations. He is actively involved in the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS), where he is president-elect of the 2,000 person Analytics Society, and has held several leadership and advisory positions. Mr Briggs has also earned the Certified Analytics Professional designation, an ANSI certified professional certification for proficiency in Operations Research, Advanced Analytics, and Data Science.

Janet S. Zeide

Janet Zeide, Esq. is one of the featured faculty for the AIA certificate. She will teach the Privacy, Ethics, and Security of Data course, pulling from her background which includes extensive knowledge around legal issues as they relate to mass media and communications. She has a vast amount of experience teaching at the higher education level as she has taught at multiple universities. She will also be teaching communications courses at Wharton starting this fall.