Within the certificate program, Post-Baccalaureate candidates will take four 3-credit courses:

Developing an Analytics Strategy and Governance 
Many organizations sub-optimize their Analytics resources by not developing an enterprise-wide Analytics strategy. This course will discuss the Business Intelligence (BI) Drivers, BI Enablers, BI Success Factors, and Conceptual Frameworks for creating an Analytics strategy and implementation roadmap for an organization. Analytics/data governance will also be discussed in terms of centralized, distributed, or hybrid approaches for an organization’s Analytics resources.

Analytics Tools and Techniques 
The use of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics will be discussed. A strong focus on commercial analytics tools, such as SAS and Tableau, will be highlighted. Various analytics methodologies will be examined.

Communicating and Determining the Impact of Analytics Through Data Visualization 
A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Analytics numeric results need to be portrayed through data visualization techniques for better understanding with C-level executives. This course will present and use data visualization techniques to enhance analytics results. The impact of Analytics will also be discussed through KPIs, outcome measures, and other metrics.

Ethics, Privacy, and Security of Data 
We have recently witnessed data breaches that have exposed serious privacy and ethical issues. With applying AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning techniques, interesting ethical and privacy issues could be raised. This course will use case studies to expose ethics, privacy, and security aspects relating to the use of advanced analytics.