The M.A.H.P. Program

On-Campus Residency Requirements

Students accepted into the program will be required to attend annual two-week long on-campus residencies each summer. Students attend the entire session during their first year.  The on-campus time for returning students is usually five to seven days. During the first summer, new students will meet with the program director to create their individual course of study-their guide to completing the program. New students will also attend on-campus portions of required courses such as Introduction to Historic Preservation, American Architecture or Urban History, and all other courses they plan to take during the fall and spring semesters.

During subsequent summer residencies, students will meet with the program director to refine their course of study and with the thesis director to develop their thesis topic. Returning students will also participate in the on-campus portions of required and elective courses that they will be taking during the subsequent academic year.

Off-Campus (Distance Learning)

Although some courses have one- to seven-day class sessions on campus, the majority are only introduced during one and one-half to three hour sessions. Courses are designed to be completed off-campus during the 14-week fall or spring semesters. Students are expected to spend approximately 10 to 12 hours per week on each course.

Faculty maintain regular contact with students throughout the semester. Depending on the course, this may involve individual telephone discussions, conference calls, online synchronous discussions or asynchronous conversations. Typically, faculty and students communicate every two weeks.