General Academic Information

Add/Drop Policy

No student may add a course after the first day of the semester. The last day a student may drop a semester course without a withdrawal appearing on the academic record is the Friday after the residency concludes for the fall term and the second Friday after the start of the spring term. Students withdrawing after this period will receive a W on their permanent record.

Withdrawal from Program

Students must apply in writing to the director to withdraw from the program. Students withdrawing, but not applying for a leave of absence, will be required to reapply to the program, and, if accepted, will be subject to the rules and regulations then in force.

Leave of Absence

Students must enroll in a minimum of one course per semester to remain active on the rolls of the college. Students in good academic and financial standing may request a leave of absence for no more than two semesters during the total degree candidacy. They are expected to return to the college at the conclusion of their leave. Students must apply in writing to the director for a leave of absence.

Course Extension

Courses are designed to be completed in the 14- to 15-week semesters. Students unable to complete a course within that time must apply in writing to the director for an extension by week 12 of the semester. Extensions in all courses except for HP 641. Thesis may be granted for one semester only. A fee of $425 per credit for an official extension will be charged.   Up to two extensions may be granted for HP 641. Thesis.

Grading System

All courses except HP 638. Thesis Proposal and HP 641. Thesis, which are graded P (pass) or NP (no pass) will use the following grading system: A, B, C, F, EX (extension), or W (withdraw). The letter grades B and C may be modified by plus (+) and grades A through C by minus (-).

As part of the continued guidance offered to each student, the program director evaluates the record of any student who receives a course grade of C+ or less or whose grade point average falls below a 3.0. On the basis of this evaluation, the student may be placed on probation for one semester, or dismissed from the college.

Detailed information on policies and procedures is contained in the Welch Center for Graduate and Professional Studies Graduate Student Handbook.