Bachelor of Arts - Theater: Program Goals


Program Goals

  1. Work effectively in groups, to create theatrical moments or events and solve production problems.
  2. Demonstrate, across the various sub-fields, skills in personal discipline (organization, focus, energy commitment), effectively applied to theatrical problem-solving and the creation of theatrical moments and events.
  3. Formulate constructive critical responses to theatrical phenomena.
  4. Compare different theatrical forms, aesthetic values, or cultural contexts, as a way of deepening one’s technical skills and expanding one’s awareness of what is theatrically possible.

General Education / Liberal Education Requirements (College Goals)

  1. Students must demonstrate proficiency in written communication.
  2. Students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language through the intermediate level.
  3. Students must become informed global citizens and gain intercultural awareness through a study abroad experience.
  4. Students must become acquainted with different ages, societies, and cultures and learn how to use a variety of historical sources.
  5. Students must be able to reason abstractly and appreciate the elegance of abstract structure.
  6. Students must understand the methods of scientific discovery and experimental design.
  7. Students must acquire problem-solving and research capability by identifying, locating, evaluating, and effectively using information.
  8. Students must be able to analyze and understand the creative process, assimilate experience, and communicate it.
  9. Students must be able to interpret words, images, objects, and/or actions that are expressions of human culture.
  10. Students must understand the complex nature of social structures and/or human relationships that involve issues of inequality and difference.
  11. Students must explore ecological, policy, social, cultural, and/or historical dimensions of human relationship to the environment.

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