Master of Arts in Digital Arts: Program Goals


Program Goals

  1. Provide digital arts products in the forms expected by other industry groups, including media, film, video, music, and webcasting.
  2. Perform, present immersive media, and develop participatory media models both synchronously and asynchronously using the Internet and related technologies.
  3. Create new digital art content and forms, and develop an understanding of the aesthetics, evolution, and history of the contributory art forms.
  4. Construct the necessary digital media programming skills, digital signal processing skills, and software project management skills to work in the contemporary digital arts environment.
  5. valuate models of ethical and Intellectual Property used by artists.
  6. Understand new delivery methods, pricing models, and working methods in the digital arts.
  7. Identify tools for the creation of an inexpensive but powerful open source, cross-platform project studio within the realities of today's extreme economic constraints.
  8. Contribute to open source projects
  9. Develop an understanding of the legal and business issues involved in an entrepreneurial digital arts startup enterprise.
  10. Develop and manage budgets and program costs.

Revised: August 2011