What ACE Students Are Saying

At the end of each semester, we ask students to let us know about their experiences with ACE and what they think are some of what they get from working with Academic Coaches.

"It helps me feel less stressed about my week. Mentally prepare and plan for the week. Lowers my anxiety. What I should change to better my semester."

"Incredibly positive - went into meeting stressed and came out with a plan and positive attitude"

"Genuine investment in my wellbeing, success that is clearly conveyed by the suggestions offered. “How can I help” attitude. Active listening. Excitement about what’s going on, makes me feel like I matter."

"Environment was relaxing and peaceful. Comfortable discussing academic and nonacademic situations. Left feeling at ease with a goal in mind."

"Getting feedback and helping me stay organized. Giving me that last push."

"Freedom to elaborate without hesitation. Clear advice."

If you have used our services, we encourage you to submit your feedback with this short survey.