ACE for Faculty

What is an SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered in various courses in both the sciences and the humanities. SI consists of voluntary, small group sessions that are facilitated by an SI leader, a student whom the instructor deems knowledgeable of the course content and who has been trained in learning strategies appropriate to the discipline. The SI leader meets regularly with the instructor and attends the course frequently. In the study groups, students work together to integrate the course content with critical thinking strategies, thus promoting their academic development.

What is the purpose of an SI?

To improve grades within targeted historically difficult courses.

How do I set up an SI?

Complete the Supplemental Instruction Resource Form located here.

How can I ensure the success of the SI for my course?

  • Recommend a SI leader who is positive, understands course content, and has displayed positive habits of mind and effective leadership qualities.
  • Communicate course expectations with SI leader
  • Set up regular meetings with SI leaders
  • Share helpful resources with SL leader (textbooks etc)
  • Give access to blackboard
  • Submit the form to ACE in a timely manner so we can train your SI leader
  • Encourage students to attend SI’s and follow up with attendance
  • Give feedback to ACE

Testing Center

Only students with documented accommodations for extended time on testing may use the ACE Testing Center. If students have a medical or family emergency, please contact the director of ACE for approval.

Faculty Form for Facilitating Testing at ACE

View the Testing Center Policy.