Advising Responsibilities

Advising is a two-way responsibility, a collaboration between the student and the academic advisor. It is imperative to have conversations and to keep each other informed.

What are your responsibilities as an advisee?

  • Know how to contact your advisor and prepare for and attend advising meetings
  • Select courses based on knowledge of interests, strengths, and requirements and be able to justify choices
  • Know what services are available for support at the college and utilize the resources that are recommended to you by your advisor
  • Become an active and engaged learner and know what it takes to be a successful student
  • Know how to be a member of the Goucher community

What are the responsibilities of the advisor (throughout your college years)?

  • Assist in formulating an academic plan
  • Explain Goucher Commons, major, and other curricular requirements
  • Meet and discuss the student’s academic interests on a regular basis
  • Recommend opportunities for personal and academic growth
  • Aid student in making connections and making informed decisions at Goucher
  • Interpret institutional procedures
  • Refer students to specific campus or community resources that help with unique needs
  • Encourage students to meet with professors, or refer to appropriate academic resources on campus
  • Help identify activities and programs on campus that reflect student’s interest