Center for People, Politics, & Markets Faculty


Jamie Mullaney

Assistant Director

Nina Kasniunas

Major & Minor Program Contacts

Sociology/Anthropology major and minor: Jamie Mullaney
Economics major and minor: Gina Shamshak
International Relations major: Julie Chernov Hwang
Political Science major and minor: Nina Kasniunas
Environmental Studies, Environment and Society Concentration: Emily Billo
Legal Studies minor: Nina Kasniunas

Full-Time & Half-Time Faculty

Julie Chernov Hwang, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations: political Islam, Islamist political parties, radical Islamism, social movements, terrorism and disengagement from terrorism, countering violent extremism, conflict and security, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey

Steven Furnagiev, Assistant Professor of Economics: International finance, macroeconomics, time-series and applied econometrics, history of economic thought

Amalia Fried Honick, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations: Middle East, international organizations, U.S. foreign policy

Nina Kasniunas, Associate Professor of Political Science and Arsht Professor in Ethics and Leadership: American politics

Mileah Kromer, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center: American state politics, research methods, survey research methodology

Germán Mora, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies: Biogeochemistry, climate change, water/soil quality

Jamie Mullaney, Professor of Sociology: Culture and cognition, qualitative methods, gender, time, identity, emotions

Marko Salvaggio, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies: 
Environmental sociology, urban and community sociology, race and ethnicity, cultural studies, mobilities studies, social movements, social research methods

Carolyn Schwarz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology: Cultural anthropology, global Christianity, health and wellbeing, healthcare delivery, food, Aboriginal Australia; anthropology of the United States

Gina Shamshak, Associate Professor of Economics: Applied microeconomics, environmental and natural resource economics

Asha Shepard, Assistant Professor of Economics: Applied microeconomics, public economics, urban economics, criminal behavior, education policy

Janet Shope, Professor of Sociology: Sociology of medicine, inequality, gender, and research methods

Eric Singer, Professor of Political Science and International Relations: International relations theory, African politics

Daniel Swann, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology: race, atheism, CRT, social psychology, religion, rhetoric and public discourse, methods, political sociology

Rory Turner, Assistant Professor of Anthropology: Intangible cultural heritage/folklore, cultural sustainability, anthropological theory, african expressive culture, ethnography, ritual and performance

Carla Barqueiro, Visiting Assistant Professor, International Relations: Global Governance, Human Security, Responsibility to Protect, Normative Life-Cycles, Prevention of Mass Atrocities

Part-Time Faculty

Peggy Eppig, Patty Greenberg

Affiliate Faculty

Emily Billo, Mark Ingram,