Center for People, Politics, & Markets Faculty


Eric Singer

Major & Minor Program Contacts

Sociology/Anthropology major and minor: Jamie Mullaney
Economics major and minor: Gina Shamshak
International Relations major: Julie Chernov Hwang
Political Science major and minor: Nina Kasniunas
Environmental Studies, Environment and Society Concentration: Emily Billo
Legal Studies minor: Nina Kasniunas

Full-Time & Half-Time Faculty

Emily Billo, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies: Political ecology, environment and development, feminist epistemology and methodology, Latin America

Julie Chernov Hwang, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations: Terrorist behavior, Terrorist Groups and Strategic Decisionmaking, Disengagement, Deradicalization and Reintegration,Foreign fighters, Political violence, Security studies, Southeast Asia

Steven Furnagiev, Assistant Professor of Economics: International finance, macroeconomics, time-series and applied econometrics, history of economic thought

Amalia Fried Honick, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations: Middle East, international organizations, U.S. foreign policy

Nina Kasniunas, Associate Professor of Political Science and Arsht Professor in Ethics and Leadership: American politics

Mileah Kromer, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center: American state politics, research methods, survey research methodology

Germán Mora, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies: Biogeochemistry, climate change, water/soil quality

Jamie Mullaney, Professor of Sociology: Culture and cognition, qualitative methods, gender, time, identity, emotions

Marko Salvaggio, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies: 
Environmental sociology, urban and community sociology, race and ethnicity, cultural studies, mobilities studies, social movements, social research methods

Carolyn Schwarz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology: Cultural anthropology, global Christianity, health and wellbeing, healthcare delivery, food, Aboriginal Australia; anthropology of the United States

Gina Shamshak, Associate Professor of Economics: Applied microeconomics, environmental and natural resource economics

Asha Shepard, Assistant Professor of Economics: Applied microeconomics, public economics, urban economics, criminal behavior, education policy

Janet Shope, Professor of Sociology: Sociology of medicine, inequality, gender, and research methods

Eric Singer, Professor of Political Science and International Relations: International relations theory, African politics

Daniel Swann, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology: race, atheism, CRT, social psychology, religion, rhetoric and public discourse, methods, political sociology

Rory Turner, Assistant Professor of Anthropology: Intangible cultural heritage/folklore, cultural sustainability, anthropological theory, african expressive culture, ethnography, ritual and performance

Carla Barqueiro, Visiting Assistant Professor, International Relations: Global Governance, Human Security, Responsibility to Protect, Normative Life-Cycles, Prevention of Mass Atrocities

Part-Time Faculty

Peggy Eppig, Patty Greenberg

Affiliate Faculty

Mark Ingram