Scott Sibley

Interim Provost, ProfessorChemistry

Dr. Scott Sibley is a Professor of Chemistry in the Center for Natural Sciences at Goucher. Scott received his B.A. in Chemistry from Williams College, and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, where he specialized in Physical Chemistry. He was then a Dreyfus Fellow at San Jose State University, and did further postdoctoral research on light emitting diodes at the University of Southern California. He joined the faculty at Goucher in 1996. His primary teaching activities have been in the areas of Physical, Analytical, and General Chemistry, and he has mentored a large number of Goucher students in scientific research as part of their education. He also led students on an Intensive Course Abroad to Romania on the Art and Science of Glass. Dr. Sibley has published research in a number of areas, but the use of fluorescence spectroscopy to investigate novel systems has been a primary focus of much of his scholarly work. His work has been published in journals including Nature and The Journal of Physical Chemistry, among others. Dr. Sibley has also been a recipient of the Caroline Doebler Bruckerl ’25 Award at Goucher, an annual award for “outstanding achievement of a faculty member during the previous year”. He has served on a number of committees at Goucher, including serving as Department Chair for Chemistry. Most recently he served as Chair of the Faculty from 2014-2017, during the passage of the new Goucher general education curriculum. As interim Provost, Dr. Sibley has worked with the faculty to develop new, innovative undergraduate majors and worked with the Welch Center to grow the graduate and professional offerings at Goucher.

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