Scott Sibley

Associate ProfessorChemistry


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Scott P. Sibley, Katrina Sosinsky, Lisa E. Gulian, Esther J. Gibbs, and Robert F. Pasternack, “Probing the Mechanism of Insulin Aggregation with Added Metalloporphyrins,” Biochemistry 47, 2858–2865, 2008.

R.F. Pasternack, E.J. Gibbs, S. Sibley, L. Woodard, P. Hutchinson, J. Genereux, and K. Kristian “Formation Kinetics of Iinsulin-based Amyloid Gels and the Effect of Added Metalloporphyrins,” Biophysical Journal, 90, pp1033-1042, 2006.

Scott P. Sibley, Anne Saunders, Pamela Crum, Kristin Mutolo, Jessica Menke, and Eric Patterson, “Fluorescence of Substituted pyrrolyl-pyridines,” Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, Vol. 163/3 pp 463-471, 2004.