Pamela Douglass

Assistant ProfessorChemistry

Pam Douglass is Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the Center for Natural Sciences at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. She completed her doctorate, with a specialization in the ultrafast vibrational dynamics of small molecules, in 2007 at the University of Virginia. At Goucher College, she teaches in the introductory chemistry and upper level physical chemistry sequences primarily, although she has also taught chemistry courses for non-majors and upper level analytical chemistry.  Dr. Douglass’s current research interests include the scholarship of teaching and learning within the field of chemistry.

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Research, Scholarship, Creative Work in Progress

My scholarly interests lie in the field of chemistry education research. This field of study aims to answer questions about what, within the field of undergraduate chemistry, students find most difficult and how educators can design teaching methods to help students bridge the gap between novice and expert.


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S.P. Sibley, E.J. Gibbs, and P.L. Crum, “A general chemistry experiment to predict and measure functional-group stretching frequencies”, The Chemical Educator, 7, 223-225 (2002)

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 American Chemical Society Member

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President of MAALACT (Middle Atlantic Association of Liberal Arts Chemistry Teachers) 2016-2017.