Foreign Language Online Policy

Current policy at Goucher regarding online courses allows a student to take courses on an “online” basis. However, students are limited to a total maximum of 12 credits online to count towards the 120-credit graduation requirement at Goucher.

Students must successfully complete (pass) the terminal course in their platform in an on-campus course at Goucher or a regionally accredited, non-profit, public or private college of university.

Therefore, students may not fulfill the Foreign Language and Culture Requirement (FLCR) by exclusively taking online courses.

If a student wants to transfer online foreign language (FL) credits taken prior to their arrival to Goucher, they will need to take the placement exam upon their arrival, and complete one of the four platforms described above.

For permission to complete the FLCR with languages not offered locally or through an online course, students need contact the directors of the Center for the Study of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures or Hispanic and Latinx Studies, respectively. They will need to approve the syllabus prior to a student enrolling in the FL online course. Informal skype sessions with native speakers or self-guided instruction are not the equivalent of a college FL course.