Rachel Grotheer

Assistant ProfessorCenter for Data, Mathematical, & Computational Sciences

Rachel Grotheer is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics and French from Denison University, and completed her doctorate in mathematical sciences in 2016 at Clemson University. At Goucher College, she teaches a broad range of introductory and advanced courses, most related to the field of analysis and its applications. Rachel's research lies in the field of inverse problems, focusing specifically on medical image reconstruction problems and analysis of the related partial differential equations. Her research is both theoretical and computational. When she is not teaching, Rachel loves to travel, sing, play a variety of board games, and pursue her love of languages.

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Research, Scholarship, Creative Work in Progress

Currently editing a paper “Alternatives to the Greedy Approach for Generating a Basis in the Reduced Basis Method” with the next goal of writing up my results of how the reduced basis method is applied to hyperspectral diffuse optical tomography.


S.C. Gray, T. Massaro, I. Chen, C. Edholm, R. Grotheer, Y. Zheng, and H. Chang. “A county-level analysis of persons living with HIV in the southern United States.” AIDS Care, 28(2), 2016.

Grotheer and T. Khan. “Application of the reduced basis method to the forward problem of hyperspectral diffuse optical tomography.” Proceedings of the 19th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, July, 2015.

Khan, J. Reneke, R. Grotheer and T. Strauss. "Decision making using a multi-criteria approach in a wholesale electrical power market." Power Systems Conference (PSC), 2015 Clemson University. IEEE, 2015.

B.H. Hokr, C.D. Clark, III, R. E. Grotheer, and R.J. Thomas. “Higher-order wide-angle split-step spectral method for non-paraxial beam propagation.” Optics Express 21, 15815-15825, 2013.

Conference Papers & Panel Participation

MAA MathFest (Session co-organizer): “Where are the math majors? Broadening scope by increasing mathematics enrollment”, (July 2017)

Biennial Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences Conference: “Living at Work: My First Year as a Faculty-in-Residence” (May 2017)

Joint Mathematics Meetings: “Towards a Better Image: The Hyperspectral Diffuse Optical Tomography Inverse Problem”, and “Inviting the Nations In: Aiding International Graduate Instructors at Clemson” (January 2016)

Academic or Professional Associations

Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

Association for Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS)

Other Professional or Scholarly Activity

MAA Project NExT (“New Experiences in Teaching”) participant, Green ’16 cohort

Faculty in Residence in Pagliaro Selz Hall.