Justin Brody

Assistant ProfessorComputer Science

Justin Brody has been guided by twin passions in his academic life: the beauty of mathematics and the mysteries of the human mind. He has explored both of these throughout his career.   As an undergraduate he studied both  computer science and mathematics, where his primary interest was in artificial intelligence.  After graduating he took temporary monastic vows at Gampo Abbey where he was able to explore ideas about the human mind from a philosophical and experiential standpoint.  Returning to Maryland, he enrolled in courses in philosophy and cognitive science while pursuing his doctorate in pure mathematics.  More recently, he spent the 2015-6 academic year at the University of Maryland's Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, where he was able to deepen his engagement with artificial intelligence.

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Research, Scholarship, Creative Work in Progress

My current research is focused on mathematical models of self, particularly how such can shed light on questions of consciousness and fundamental human experience.  In particular, my group is exploring computational models of self-knowledge in video-game playing agents; a dynamic self-referential form of temporal logic; and extensions to “the Good Regulator Theorem”, a fundamental result in cybernetics.



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Brody, Justin, and M. C. Laskowski. "On rational limits of Shelah-Spencer graphs." Journal of Symbolic Logic 77.2 (2012): 580-592.

Invited Talks

Invited participant to workshop on Logic and Random Graphs at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.  More information is here.

Invited talk on “Full Amalgamation Classes with Existential Resolutions”  New York Logic Seminar, March 2016.